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Linksys E900 (N300) Default Password

For all Linksys E900 setup, the default Linksys router login password is “admin.” Similar to other passwords, this one is also in a case-sensitive format. When using the default login information, some Linksys Extender Setup don’t require a username, but on the E900, it’s admin. Thus, it is the same as the password. Similar to the majority of Linksys routers, this router’s default IP address is


Technically, the Linksys E900 is advertised as the Linksys N300 router, which is not the original product name. Since this router only comes in one hardware configuration, all E900 routers use the same data.

What To Do If The Default Password Doesn’t Work?

If your Linksys E900 Setup’s default username or password doesn’t work, it’s likely that they were altered after the router was configured. Changing the default Linksys router login information makes the new password simpler to forget. In that case, the primary request is to reset your Linksys router setup. Additionally, you can reset your extender setup Linksys if you forget the login password.   

After resetting, a user can restore the router to its factory default settings. Furthermore, it completely deletes customized software settings (including the password and Wi-Fi information). A router is powered off and on again when restarted. To reset your router device for creating new Linksys router login credentials, adhere to the below direction. 


  • First, plug in your router and power it on. After that, turn over the router to access the bottom side of the process.
  • Press and hold the Reset button (which is reachable through a tiny hole in the bottom of the router) for a short while using a paperclip or a pointed needle. 
  • Consequently, the Ethernet ports on the back will flash simultaneously through this period.
  • After the Linksys E900 Setup has been reset, give its software 30 seconds to reset.
  • Furthermore, please wait for 10 to 15 seconds after removing the power cable from the router’s back power port to re-plug it.
  • Allow the router 30 seconds to restart fully before proceeding.
  • Note: Before turning it over to its usual position, check to see if the network cables are still linked to the back.
  • Subsequently, use the default IP address of, the admin username, and the password to log into the router and access the configuration settings after the settings have been restored.
  • Additionally, to increase the router’s security, change the Linksys router login credentials. In order to prevent forgetting it, we advise keeping the new password in a password manager or another secure location.

I’m Unable To Access My E900 Router

If you are a new user, then it is common thing that may happen for you to be unable to access your Linksys Router Setup. Thus, before you can log in to the router, you must know its IP address. However, if that address has been altered, utilizing the normal address won’t work. You must be aware of the default gateway of a computer connected to the network to locate the Linksys E900 IP address without having to reset the router.


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